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It has come to our attention that non-franchised distributors/brokers are marketing out of date
Kycon parts
- please be warned -
we do not warranty these parts. Kycon only sells to our franchised distributors.


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Custom 3.1 USB - C Cables and Dongles

Kycon now offers a wide variety of custom 3.1 USB - C cables and dongles. We provide USB-C plugs on both ends supporting up to 10 gbps.

We also offer USB-C plugs to USB 2.0 and 3.0
plug or sockets as well as micro USB
type B plugs.

Various colors and cable lengths are available.

Please contact Kycon directly to ask about your custom requirements. Minimums will apply.


Stacked Modular Jacks

Stacked Modular Jacks available with and without LED's. Further information for this product line is not currently available online.

Please contact Kycon directly to receive further details.

contact us: